Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Air Poluution and how to Solve it Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Air Poluution and how to Solve it - Essay Example For instance, the discovery of vehicles paves the way for environmental pollution particularly on the quality of air. In addition, the problem about air pollution is getting worst. For instance, as there are many factories instituted that are producing large volume of combined smoke and fog into the atmosphere, the air is significantly reduced to terrible quality. Not only that, the emission of harmful chemicals and even green house gases continue to dominate into the atmosphere which substantially have been pointed out as potential reasons of the global warming issue. There are many things therefore that need to be learned about air pollution and it is important to consider each of them in order to understand the appropriate things to be done in order to alleviate and totally eradicate them. Air pollution therefore is not just an ordinary issue or problem. Humans for instance primarily rely on oxygen from the air, but they need to take a clean and substantial amount of it. Thus, thi s is the reason why it is important to have air which must be free from significant level of pollution. In this paper, the proponent tries to consider a critical evaluation on air pollution and its possible effects including some of their particular solutions in order to potentially alleviate or eliminate it. Air pollution and its effects Just like any other forms of environmental problems, air pollution has significant effects. There are potentially two major effects of air pollution. The first is about personal effect which means direct impact on humans and the second one is the direct consequence to the environment (Colls, 2002, p. 388; Mallette, 2007). Under personal effects, one of them pertains to the human health. Unclean air seems to be one of the reasons why there are many people experiencing from poor health conditions including those that are relevant to human respiratory concerns. The body needs to have clean air that should be required in its healthy functioning. In the presence of air pollution, the body therefore would react to this entire condition as it essentially needs clean air. Another important impact of air pollution is directly associated with the environment. Today, air pollution is linked with the huge presence of greenhouse and other toxic gases in the atmosphere from primary and secondary sources of pollution of which the latter seems to be less blamed such as â€Å"smaller plants apartment incinerators, and other sources† due to having the mind set on the former as greater contributing factor (Mallette, 2007, p. 14). The gases they produced are considered to be one of the potential reasons for global warming. Global warming is said to be the potential cause of unstable weather condition from various places in the world. This remains to be one of the most important priorities that need to be addressed by the people and from every nation. However, it is important to know that the bottom line of these all started from the emiss ion of any harmful gases and materials directly to the environment. In addition to the potential problem with air pollution in the environment, another significant impact of it concerns about the cost of implementing various strategies in order to alleviate or eradicate it. In some other countries like particularly in Europe, they need to come up with better strategies to minimise air pollution, but not to suppress economic development or growth. This can be too

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